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Are you looking for something new and exciting that can bring you money? How about stating to promote the adult games BoneCraft and BoneTown, the only two action-adventure video games where you get LAID and get a lot of fun doing it. Start today and make big bucks on the adult video games that are fun, innovative, and PROFITABLE for both mainstream and adult traffic. The fact that there are still not that many adult-oriented games targeted at adults that provide good and realistic graphics, combined with fun and rewarding gameplay where you get to fuck a lot of pussy is a great opportunity to turn your traffic into money. Make 50% of every subscription for one of the two adult games or up to $35 per sale and the conversion rates on these are pretty high.

The game BoneCraft parodies everything science fiction and fantasy in one hilarious sexy romp. Use Captain Fort Worth’s skills of seduction and his team’s expertise in interstellar extinction to search the hostile environment of their new planet for the galaxy’s Holy Grail: the Elf Queen and her band of naughty minions that like to fuck a lot.

Want to party with hot chicks and get laid in a video game? Then BoneTown is just the right thing you need, the sexy 3D game with RPG sex game play where you get LAID all the time. In this funny sex game, you’ll get it on with hot chicks, beat up dudes, and do crazy drugs. You are the town’s only hope to keep The Man, Inc from “moralizing” BoneTown, but you’ll have the help of BoneTown heroes like Jesus and Ron Jeremy and you’re armed with mighty fists, tasty booze, crazy drugs, and a big cock, so you are bound to succeed.

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