Do you have an Asian adult traffic that you don’t know what to do, why not take the advantage of promoting some high-quality adult porn websites to that audience and convert it to some solid cash for you. Dti cash has great sites for English audience offering exclusive Asian porn content and they also have some more websites especially oriented for Japanese or Chinese speaking visitors, so if you have such a niche traffic you can get even higher conversions and most of all excellent user retention. You can get paid by up to 70% of all of the revenue for every and new signup to any of the Asian adult chat websites or up to 50% commission on new and recurring signups on the content download websites offering high-quality Asian porn. There are a lot of opportunities to make some extra cash from your niche adult traffic especially if it mostly form Japanese or Chinese visitors.

One of the other more interesting websites that is in the portfolio of websites you can promote through this affiliate program is 3D Eros, available in both English and Japanese language. This adult website offers hot Asian girls getting naked and fucked hard in stereoscopic 3D format and is pretty much the only Asian stereo 3D porn content provider for English speaking audience. So you can take the opportunity to promote it among your visitors interested in Asian porn and the fact that it has stereoscopic 3D content will attract some extra attention for sure turning it into better conversions. With the constantly growing interest in stereoscopic 3D technology and the growing availability of 3D HDTVs and other 3D-capable viewing devices the interest in stereo 3D porn will only grow from now on. And promoting exclusive Asian stereo 3D porn can bring you a lot of extra revenue as the website has good conversion rate and even better retention rate for users that sign up to gt access to it.

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Your adult website business is growing and you need more resources to keep the growth steady, it is time to go from shared web or VPS server hosting to something more serious. The fully managed dedicated web servers offered by Certified Hosting are exactly what you may need as they offer you everything you need and even more at a good price and that comes with excellent uptime and support. Within 24 hours, you can have managed hosting with 24/7/365 monitoring, live technical support and 100% uptime. With dedicated hosting you can outfit your dedicated host server any way your want like being able to choose from multiple operating systems, upgrade your storage, increase your bandwidth… anything is possible. These dedicated servers are jam packed with features and include unlimited server administration and come with a variety of control panel options including WHM cPanel and Plesk to make your life much easier. This dedicated hosting is the ultimate solution for cost, control and convenience.

The entry level managed servers start with just $99 USD a month, a really affordable price for which you get a Dual-Core Intel-based server with 2.80 GHz per core, 250GB SATA HDD, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 10T monthly bandwidth at your disposal with Full Management Included. The middle range managed servers start at $156 USD a month and you start with a Quad-core Intel-based Xeon processor, 500GB SATA HDD, 8GB DDR3 memory and 10TB bandwidth again fully managed. And the high professional level managed servers start at $256 USD with even more resources at your disposal and the best thing is that you get to fully customize the hardware as per your specific needs. You need more RAM and Bandwidth, no problem, you can add them to an entry level processor, or maybe you need a lot of processing power, but not that much storage space and bandwidth, again no problem as the hardware specs of the dedicated servers are fully customizable.

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Nowadays we are surrounded by a lot of porn available in all kinds of forms and in every niche that you can think of, but what is lacking is really high quality erotica, something that most male audiences look for as they are tired of seeing all that hardcore sex everywhere. Most people want to be able to enjoy some naked and beautiful girls revealing completely their hot bodies in an attractive way. And now is your chance to turn that demand and interest for high quality erotica into cold hard cash that go into your pocket, you can start promoting Femjoy, a website offering one of the best pure nude art photos of hot young girls. These sexy models convert easily visitors into members, and with a revenue share of 50% not only for the initial signup, but for every renewal you will like this affiliate program for sure. Furthermore there is a whole arsenal of promotional materials available at your disposal that will help you promote better including, but not limited to various banners, picture and video of the day, a lot of free hosted galleries with photos and videos, so you will be able to introduce the service to your adult visitors in an easy way by providing them with free sample content that they will like for sure and will want to get more.

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