Make Money From Your Outgoing Links

25 Nov

How do you convert your adult traffic to real money? Sure, posting free adult content and providing links for more paid content is a good way, but this only counts if the visitor subscribes for the given website or service or buys a product. But why not make money from all of your visitors clicking an outgoing link on your website, regardless of what they do further, and if they subscribe via your affiliate link it is even better, but even if they don’t you still get money. Link Bucks is a service providing you with the ability to crate short links that will hide your affiliate links and will pay you for every visitor that clicks on these links as he’ll be seeing an advertisement before proceeding to the actual page he should be visiting. You just crate the shorter links and post them on your website and you earn money whenever people visit your links and view the advertisements, before being redirected to the website they need to see. The best thing about this service is that it not only accepts regular links and content, but also works with adult oriented websites such as porn sites, so you don’t have to worry that your xxx websites might be rejected.

Not to mention that you can also use this service to bring more traffic to your website should you need to promote your startup or new adult website that has been just launched and the traffic you can get comes really affordable. You can target only specific countries or get worldwide visitors and the prices start at just 30 cents per 1000 visitors, so with just a couple of bucks you can get a good start for your new project and if you spend a bit more you could be off to a really nice start. So why not take advantage of both things that this service offers you, to earn money from all of your outgoing website traffic as well as to bring more visitors to your websites for very little money spend. And if you combine both on your website it is a win-win situation for sure, bringing new visitors to your website and earning money from them as well. Nice, eh!

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